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Explanation of categories are as follows

Food – Obviously the main attraction to any restaurant is the food. Everything else may be perfect but if you serve sub-par food, your business will tank faster than the titanic. Food will be judged the closest by us. We will take into account: presentation, smell, texture, flavor, seasoning, ingredient combination, preparation, freshness, and all other contributing factors before reaching a decision.

Ambiance – Going to a restaurant is much more than the food you receive. It is an entire experience. A restaurant that receives a perfect rating from Beer, Booze, and Tacos will engage all 5 senses and give a reason to be remembered. It is said by all the greats that you eat with your eyes first and that is why presentation of food is so important. It is also true that your first experience with a restaurant will be from sight also, then sound and smell. All of these create the ambiance of a great restaurant and is one of the five contributing factors to our ratings.

Service – We have all had a wonderful restaurant experience ruined by terrible service. A slightly too long wait, drinks not being refilled, having to ask multiple times for a service, not being able to find a waiter for more than 10 minutes, etc. On the other hand we have all made requests or seen a wait staff go far beyond what we expect and it has stuck with us. It drew us in for many reasons and left us with a memory and a reason to visit again. Because it can make or break a restaurant experience, it is one of the five categories we judge a restaurant by.

Price/quality – This category will judge how well the price reflects the food and experience received at each restaurant. We can have a pleasant experience with no complaints but if the experience is overpriced, we obviously would not return. There are plenty of other restaurants that price their menus appropriately. It isn’t enough for a restaurant to do everything right, the experience must also be priced right.

Uniqueness – this is by far the most important category. In a city of thousands of restaurants all I really crave is a unique experience. Something you can’t find anywhere else.  The uniqueness of a restaurant will decide the final grade. Good food, good service, and good prices can all be found within a few miles of wherever you live so all I ask is bring something no other restaurant can give me. That is what will gain my loyalty and my love.

Grades given are as follows:

A = Well above average, noteworthy, and highly unlikely to find at other restaurants.

B = Above average and pleasurable. Not common but certainly not unheard of.

C = Average.  Between this restaurant and home, I can find a dozen more restaurants that offer what this one does.

D = below average. Typically means there are other restaurants within a short distance that exceed what this one offers.

F = Disgusting or intolerable. Not only giving a reason not to return but giving a reason for me to tell others to never visit.

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