Village Burger – John’s Creek



Food – Always go with the daily special! Today it was a turkey burger with cheddar, grilled onions, their seasoned fries and a drink. Fries were good. Seemed hand cut and decently tasty. The burger had all fresh ingredients, delicious melted cheese on a fresh bun and then….then…you had the patty. The patty was a very thin, probably frozen patty. Why!?!? Everything else was amazingly fresh and tasty. Why put that patty on there!?!? I don’t understand. It really took what could have been an amazing burger to just an ok one. Food gets a C+


Ambiance – It is a really great spot here. They decorated it beautifully. Nice hardwood tables and a cool bar. Comfortable seating. I really like the fake brick wall as you walk in. Everything is designed quite well and they have thrown in some nice tv’s too for entertainment. Ambiance gets an A


Service – Seemed like just a couple of buddies out grilling burgers. They were talkative in a very very casual way. They were good at what they did and service was fine. It was just very chill, more than professional service. For me that was awesome. I loved it. It might not be for everyone but certainly was my cup of tea. Service gets an A-


Price/Quality – $9 for this meal. Not bad for burger drink and fries. I just can’t get over that stupid patty. The patty wasn’t good. Everything else was incredible quality but the patty is pretty darn important. I guess for what I got it was a good price though. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – There are a lot of burger places around. This place wasn’t bad but I don’t feel like they outdid any of the other ones in any area. It was fine overall. I might be back because the price isn’t too bad. Really with so many other burger joints around and other restaurants at similar price points, it’s hard to say this one offered anything so unique to get me back in. Uniqueness gets a C-

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