Food – The absolute best brunch I have ever had. Some of the best food I have ever had, period. I’d eat here every day if I could. I got the smoked salmon Benedict with a citrus hollandaise sauce. The salmon itself was cooked so perfectly, I could have just eaten that. Throw in an absolutely flawless hollandaise sauce and a very flavorful hash and you have yourself the makings of the most fantastic meal I have ever had. Every single person I was with said the same thing about their meals. I am going back as soon as possible. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – The most beautiful restaurant I have ever eaten in. We were lucky enough to get a large table overlooking the grounds and river which we could see through a large bay window. Not only is the inside gorgeous, but they have some land you can take a walk on and see the garden and chickens they own. You can also have a drink from the outside bar right beside the river and there are several Adirondack chairs to sit in outside. It’s one of those ambiances that is the experience and not just a compliment to the food. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – Our server was amazing. She was on top of everything, very cheerful, and just a good person. I loved hearing her describe the menu. She did it with so much passion, she made me want to order everything. She truly believed in the place she worked and enjoyed it, and that came thorugh into us. It got us excited before we even saw the food! At the end, she also gave us some free pastries to take home which didn’t hurt my opinion of her at all. I wish she could be my server at every restaurant. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – You give me this meal without a price tag and I’d be laying out $30 to pay for it. However, my bill was less than $20 (And I had a drink). Astonishing considering how good it is. They really could up the prices but for how cheap it is for what you get, it makes me want to run back every Sunday for brunch here. Price/Quality gets an A+


Uniqueness – No other brunch has come close to touching this one. No other restaurant comes close to being this beautiful. No other restaurant that I have been to offers what Canoe offers in terms of an experience. Even if I moved hours away I’d still drive to do this again because no other restaurant between there and here can offer what they do. Uniqueness gets an A+

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