Food – First of all, that menu was freaking huge. Tapas, sushi, entrees…the kitchen sink. Everything you could want was in that book they called a menu. We decided on entrees though. The dishes we ordered were Steamed Sea Bass with Soy-Sherry-Ginger Broth, Spinach & Jasmine Rice and Seared Georges Bank Scallops with Leeks and Beech Mushroom Risotto. Everything was cooked perfectly, but nothing had very much flavor. So, it was a fine meal but nothing too enjoyable to write home about. The scallops were phenomenal however. The mushroom risotto was just risotto rice cooked with chopped mushrooms in them. Seabass was just steamed and put down. The ginger sauce wasn’t even enough to take it into flavor town. It was fine but just not too great. They just need to start throwing some spices into all their dishes. Food gets a C

Ambiance – Very upscale and elegant restaurant. It’s simply beautiful in there. It is quite loud though. They crank the music up so high, it was terribly hard to hear my date and the server talk. We had to talk rather loud and with everyone else doing that too, it was just more of a distraction than a nice added piece. Ambiance gets a B-

Service – Our service was on par. The lady was timely, knowledgeable of the menu, and answered all of our questions. We hardly had to ask for much. Nothing above or beyond but completely adequate without any complaints. Service gets a B+

Price/Quality – Two entrees and two drinks came to around $70. For what we ordered I think it was fair to ask that price, although it’s not a great deal by any means. However, just the fact that the food was only ok and without a lot of flavor took the quality down a few notches. It just wasn’t good enough to rush back for and at $70, there is a lot of alternatives around. Price/Quality gets a C-

Uniqueness – it’s a great location and a great ambiance. Those are unique. Food is fine. Overall I’d say it’s an average place but for the location, elegance, and cool vibe, there are some circumstances where I’d return. Uniqueness gets a B-

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