Teriyaki Grill House



Food – It was very delicious. I got the steak hibachi. This looks like a cheap place, but they used real NY Strip steak. They cooked it to a medium rare for me and with the hibachi sauce on it….I could eat that every meal. The vegetables were fine too, but the steak and sauce was the highlight of the dish. I will definitely be back. Food gets an B+


Ambiance – It’s nothing special. Everything is exceptionally clean and tidy, but you aren’t every going to come here for anything but food. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – it’s a nice little family owned restaurant and the workers there will treat you like family as well. They were really nice and personable. You order at the counter so no table service, but for what it is, you won’t complain. They thanked me for coming and asked how it was which I really appreciated. They did everything right. Service gets a B


Price/Quality – My dish was $8.25 and my drink was almost $2. My total was like $12. For real steak cooked great and a whole plate of vegetables that isn’t bad for the main dish. Although, $2 for a soda is way overcharging. They also are on a lot of discount sites so I really only paid $7 with that and they have a rewards program. So, you can get discounts if you want them. Overall, even at full price, I would gladly return for some good Japanese Hibachi on the cheap. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – A fast food hibachi whose hibachi quality is the same as the sit down restaurants at a price of only $9 is truly unique. How good the steak was also is a bit unheard of. The quality of the meat I find in typical low end Asian restaurants have always been subpar. Not the case here. I would make the trip for lunch here often. Uniqueness gets a B+


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