Slope’s BBQ – Roswell


Food – It was fine. There was nothing too special about the food here. The meant was tender and juicy. It came unseasoned on a cheap bun. I got baked beans with it too. They were fine as well. Nothing too exciting about them but tasted fine. I really don’t have a lot to say about the food. It was just average. Food gets a B-

Ambiance – The look of the restaurant was fitting. Had the old country feel to it. Hard wood all around and the red checkered table cloth. However, there is more to ambiance than just looks. The type of people that visit a place has a lot to do with it too and I lowered the average age in there by a good 20 years. I would say there was one guy in his 50’s there. The other 12 people all had to be in their 70’s. So as a 27 year old guy, I felt horribly out of place and uncomfortable. If 99% of your clientele is less than a decade from passing away, your business is doomed. Also, if the only people that come into your restaurant is a very niche crowd, your place isn’t very great. Ambiance gets a D

Service – I don’t think the people here have ever really worked in a restaurant in their life. They were friendly, don’t get me wrong. They just lacked certain skills. First of all they were all in their 60’s. They were extremely slow. All orders were taken by hand as well which in the hands of these ladies, worried me. Everything got out fine but overall they were just….so…slow. Service gets a D

Price/Quality – Now this was the part I could get behind. $3.50 for a pork sandwich was good! Another $1.50 for baked beans and $1.75 for a drink. So $7 for lunch. Not too bad. I would say it is an adequate price for what you got. For BBQ that is good then you can’t expect a much better price than that. Price/Quality gets a B+

Uniqueness – Not many BBQ places as cheap as this and even among the ones that are, I don’t think I like the food I get there. Now while I didn’t love the food here, it was still good. That is about the only unique factor it has as all the other things simply were bad marks against this place. Uniqueness gets a B-

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