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Food – I came here for Sunday brunch. I wasn’t sure what to expect ,as I always thought this was just a coffee shop. I was very wrong. Their Sunday brunch had one of the largest selections and best quality food I have ever had. Everything was made in house, mostly organic, and top quality. I don’t even remember everything that was available, but what I liked most was the salmon, chicken salad, and the beef which I can’t remember exactly what kind it was. I would say they probably had over 15 dishes to choose from not including bread and the dessert that was offered too. There was no wondering or guessing about how fresh the food was and how high quality the ingredients they used were. It was an absolutely phenomenal meal that blew me away. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – I wouldn’t expect this place to be in Buckhead. It’s a small quaint little house on a side street, not far from all the Bukchead bars. What a way to mix it up here. It has a slight rustic and antique feel to the place. However, I didn’t feel it was outdated. I felt it was just right. While this was my impression of the inside, we were forced to sit on the back porch. It did not look like it had been taken care of the same as the inside. A deck that badly needed stained or refinished. Small uncomfortable tables. Plants that needed tending to and so so soooo many ants everywhere. I really couldn’t stay that long because of where we were seated. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Every person I encountered was super friendly and personable. I was met by a really nice lady as soon as I stepped inside. That was nice because they don’t have a hostess stand. It just isn’t setup like a typical restaurant but they are on top of service. A very friendly lady made frequent rounds to our table to ensure we were enjoying ourselves and had everything we needed. Same thing can be said for the attitude of the guy that checked us out. Friendly and asked about our experience. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – So I heard rumors that on a typical Sunday you name your own price. However, we went on Fathers Day and they had a set price of $25 per person. Now, at other nice restaurants for a special occasion buffet you are going to pay $40+ and the food isn’t going to be any better than here. So $25 for an amazing meal that is all you can eat is such a phenomenal price. Price/Quality gets and A-


Uniqueness – This place is very unique. This ambiance is something you won’t find in any other place in Buckhead. The meal is something I have never had before. That quality was incredible and for the price no other place can touch it. It is a very unique experience that everyone should try. Uniqueness gets an A


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*Pictures shamelessly stolen online. I was on a date and didn’t want to look silly.

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