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Food – You talk about a sampling of food. I have been to menu tastings where I didn’t get as much. For lunch I got a roll of sushi. 4 sashimi pieces and Thai curry. I loved that I got to taste several different things and it was good too. The Thai curry was great. The sushi was good. Basic but well made. The sashimi was good except for one piece tasted….fishy. Maybe it was what kind it was but I think it was right on that line of turning bad. I’m not sure and not complaining because it was still good, just not like the rest. I will say that they served a broth/soup before my meal complimentary and it was incredible. I would order that by itself if need be.  Food gets a B+


Ambiance – It was a basic ambiance here. A small place in a shopping center with basic decorations and tables. Nothing bad but nothing good here. You come for the food. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Service was fine. They were fast but little interaction until I went up to pay. Then they were all chatty and friendly. I did get thanked by most employees there for dining with them. It made me feel very welcome and appreciated. Service gets a B


Price/Quality – So the soup, Thai curry, sushi, and sashimi was only $11. That’s an incredible deal for everything you get. I’d say every other restaurant I could go to would charge over $20 for all that at least. I am not sure you can find a better deal anywhere. Price/Quality gets an A+


Uniqueness – The food combination and price makes it one of a kind. How good some of the food was is unique in itself but everything together makes it a true destination for anyone. Uniqueness gets an A

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