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Food – Up until I took a bite I never gave a lot of hope for this place. I thought the Mexican would be on the lower end of quality and taste even as far as generic Mexican goes. I was so very wrong. This quickly became a top 5 Mexican place in my book. The food was incredibly delicious. I really want to call it authentic Mexican, but I probably haven’t had enough authentic Mexican to make that claim. I think the fact that it was packed with a long line with many Hispanics there can speak to the quality of the food though. I think you’ll love it because I know I will be back many times more. Food gets an A+

Service – This family owned place will treat you like family as well. It’s an order at the counter type of place, but because it takes a while to cook on order, you sit down and get service. Even though they were very nice and treated us great, one thing really bothered us. They brought out the food as it was ready and not all together. The last dish in our group was probably brought 5-6 minutes after the first one was brought. Seemed a little like poor ticket time management in the kitchen but I noticed this happened at every table. It kind of put a damper on our lunch experience when we were more worried about how long to wait to start eating or how long before another dish was brought. Service gets a C+

Ambiance – A small place in the end of a shopping center. It doesn’t look like much. Nothing is going to wow you about how the place looks. None of the equipment, plates, tables, or anything else was top of the line. However, everything was fine and clean. No real complaints, but you go here for the food. Ambiance gets a B-

Price/Quality – Like I said the draw here is the food, and the food is top notch. Prices are comparable to your generic Mexican so for what you get, it is worth every penny. A dish and drink cost around $8.50 and you get way more worth than that out of your dish. Price/Quality gets an A
Uniqueness – The food definitely has unique aspects. I’m not saying you can’t find the same or better quality elsewhere, but I haven’t had it. Not much else can be boasted about, but you definitely have to go here for the food. Uniqueness gets a B


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