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Food – The food was definitely not worth the extremely long wait. I ordered a Philly cheesesteak and did not enjoy it at all. First of all the meat is supposed to be high quality steak like top sirloin or the like. This was not any kind of quality steak if it was even steak at all and to make it worse it has no seasoning on  it. I was also pretty dismayed that they just laid two slices of cold cheese on top of the steak. It wasn’t even melted when it got to me. The bread was ok but nothing great. Overall it was not enjoyable. I could make a better sandwich at home. Food gets an F


Ambiance – this restaurant was opened in the 70’s and hasn’t been touched since. It is very old. Everything needs an upgrade. The booth was so uncomfortable because the padding was worn out. I cold feel the bolts in the bottom of the booth I was sitting on. They have an office setup at the end of the counter behind the cash register that they seriously need to shut down the restaurant for a day just to organize and clean. I felt low down just eating in here. Ambiance gets an F


Service – This was the worst part of the whole experience. It took over 40 minutes for me to get my food at a sub shop…..There was a guy in front of me that spoke little English and had a huge order. So every employee in the restaurant thought they would take turns taking part of his order. So I was second in line and after around 15 minutes they finally asked what my order was. When I finally got to the cashier they charged me for the wrong sub. He had no idea how to change it so someone had to come out of the back to help. Then they got in an argument about keeping orders straight. So he rung me up but I still have no sub so I stood there. He stood there…..people stood behind me and yet subs are sitting on the counter that have already been prepared. Finally the guy behind me asked the worker if that was their sub and if they could pay. She said yes and then asked me to go sit down and she will bring mine to me. Cool, 20 minutes have went by now. So I sit down. 5 minutes pass, 10, 15…and finally I go ask about my sub. The lady politely says it is almost up and as I am walking back to my table I here her say to the back, “You forgot the Philly didn’t you.” Dear God….so 5 minutes later….40 minutes after I walked in, I got my one simple sub. Service gets an F


Price/Quality – You honestly could not offer me this sub for free. There is no way I would ever pay for what I got and there is no way this experience is worth a 40 minutes wait either. What you get for coming here is not worth any price you’d be asked to pay. Price/Quality gets an F


Uniqueness – If you go to this restaurant you will see plenty of things you never saw in any other restaurant….but that’s not a good thing since all of those things will be bad. Uniqueness gets an F

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