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Food: I had the Souvlaki wrap and the potatoes. It was incredibly delicious. The potatoes were the best part. I usually am not a fan of potatoes but completely loved these. They were soft but not mushy and the sauce over them was amazing. I loved it. One thing was that you could see the shelf where they stored everything. The amazing thing was that everything was fresh. Tomatoes, onions, wraps and everything else was fresh. The only thing in a can was some olives. They also have their own sauce recipe brought in instead of using some other brand so you know it’s unique. They also have stations where they slow roast the meat similar to what you see in a Brazilian steakhouse but not quite so adequate. Everything is still very delicious and might be the best Gyro meal I have had. Food gets an A


Ambiance – This is a brand new location and everything is very nice. It’s a casual place but I like that they have a counter (a nice one made of stainless steel I might add) that you can sit at which I did. So a new, nice and clean restaurant with comfortable seating is always a good sign in my book. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – You order at the counter and pick up your own dish too. The staff is very friendly and efficient though. There was a steady stream of customers coming in, and they still pumped out orders quickly. The staff was all smiles and talkative to you as well. It was good. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – Wrap, potatoes, and a drink were around $9. It’s a pretty average price for lunch but becomes a great price when considering the great food. I will gladly be back to this place many times. Price/Quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – The food is unique here. I think that I have ever had a gyro this good. Most places use a lot of cheap ingredients so you can really tell the difference in things in what they use here. While the wrap itself was good, the potatoes were excellent. I don’t think any other place serves those at least that I have had. Uniqueness gets a B+

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