McCray’s Tavern on the Square



Food – I have been to the Smyrna location many times but this was the first time I went here. There were a few differences but overall it was relatively the same. The menu was the same as well. I thought I’d go with the vodka pasta as it’s always been great in Smyrna. It was the same here. The vodka sauce they make is one of the best in the city. It was excellent here as well. The food is really good but nothing is great if that makes sense. You won’t be disappointed in anything, but you won’t be dying to go tell all your friends. Food gets a B-


Ambiance – It’s a nice bar and restaurant. They actually have a rooftop patio as well. I didn’t get to go out there but overall they have done a good job making this into a destination to hang out. Ambiance gets a B


Service – Everyone was very nice here and accommodating. We had a reservation but they got slammed and a little behind. They couldn’t seat us right away, but everyone was really apologetic and accommodating. They really did care about our visit. The server was friendly and prompt as well. Overall good service. Service gets a B


Price/Quality – Above average food at an average price makes it a very good price for what you get. Like I said before you aren’t going to be blown away here, you will like it, but not too much money is going to be fleeing your wallet. Price/Quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – I think it has glimmers of great uniqueness in it. Ambiance may not blow you away but a cool restaurant with a roof top patio that isn’t too crowded ever is certainly unique. The menu items can be found at other restaurants in town but not as good as here. Everything just points to being a destination that overall isn’t easily replicated. Uniqueness gets a B

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