Souper Jenny – Decatur



Food – It’s a soup, salad, and sandwich place. At first I was a little dismayed as there were only two sandwich offerings, as that is what I typically order. It seemed to be heavily leaning toward the soup side, but I still got a sandwich. I am very glad I did. It was amazing. It was a twisted brioche bun, roasted apples, brie, arugula and jam. You could have me make a million different sandwiches and I would never think to put together this combination.  Such a unique and amazing sandwich. I want to go try more. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – Not much of a go to destination to hang out for any reason. You go for the food. It’s mostly just a counter you walk through picking out what you want and a few tables sitting in there. It’s fine to run by for a quick lunch but nowhere you feel comfortable staying for a while. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Everyone here was very friendly. They will give you samples of the soup to decide if it’s what you want.  They will let you know about how the sandwiches were made. They will do anything to make sure you get something you enjoy here. I like that the staff is very friendly. Service gets an A-


Price/quality – So it was an absolutely delicious sandwich and very high quality. The price reflected that though. $7.50 for just a sandwich and adding soup and a drink will bring you to around $15. That’s a little expensive for lunch. A sandwich, even though it was made with the best, had no meat on it so it only cost around $1.89 to make. I bet if they slapped $5.99 on there it would still be an adequate margin and attract more people. I know the line in Buckhead is always out the door but still I think the price is a little high. Price/Quality gets a C


Uniqueness – Well the food here is entirely unique. I promise in all my years I have never had a sandwich with those ingredients on it. I also haven’t had many that good. The food you find here will be great and mostly unlike any other experience you have had before. Uniqueness gets an A-

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