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Food – There are three sections of the restaurant you can sit in. Chinese, sushi, or hibachi. We chose the Chinese. The chicken was fine, but I didn’t like the rice. They used a long grain rice which was odd as usually they use a short grain like Jasmine. It was plain steamed rice and it was over cooked as well. The chicken was cooked great and was delicious! It was served on a large lettuce leaf though which I didn’t understand. The lettuce should either be served on the side to wrap the chicken in or small leaves that makes it easy to cut and eat. The chicken was amazing though which makes me want to come back and try the hibachi and sushi. Food gets a C+


Ambiance  – Very unique ambiance here. The outside looks like a rail car. It’s very large inside and has 3 different sections like I mentioned before. The middle part, the sushi part, was very romantic and new looking. The hibachi looked fun. Then we sat in the Chinese part which seemed slight outdated. Overall it was fine though except for the crowd there. Part of ambiance is who goes there. I may like the decorations of the bar out on route 9, but the biker gang that would bash my face in is going to keep me away. At this place, 2 out of every 3 tables had kids at it. They were not very well behaved either. I felt like I was at Chuck e Cheese. I don’t think the sushi or hibachi side was like this so I still want to go back and try those. Ambiance gets a C+


Service – I arrived a while before my date. There were two menus there so they knew I was waiting on someone but still no one came up to me, asked if I wanted a drink, or even greeted me. My date, who was stuck in traffic, arrived 15 minutes later. Once she sat down they greeted us. Then, my date ordered an appetizer for dinner which she specifically told them was for dinner, so to bring with mine. They did not. They brought it right away. Overall, very poor service. Service gets an F

Price/Quality – My plate was $13. A little more expensive than most but the chicken was better than most as well. So I think it could be justified. Price/Quality gets a B-

Uniqueness – The ambiance is certainly unique. I’m not sure my overall experience lives up to other experiences I have had, but there are some unique factors to it. I think it offers a good enough ambiance and above average food to warrant a return visit here to give it another chance. Uniqueness gets a B-

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