Alon’s Bakery and Market



Food – I had a Portobello mushroom sandwich from the deli in the far back of the store. It was a great sandwich overall. Everything so fresh and tasty. I loved the focaccia bread it came on. Soft yet crusty and delicious. There was one thing that really took away from it though. The mushrooms, while tasty, was cold. Not just cold but almost frozen they were so cold. Obviously had recently been taken out of the fridge. It was just hard to enjoy fully when I was trying to carefully eat it. Food gets a B-


Ambiance – this is more like a small market than a restaurant. There are several different departments where you can get different food. It’s a cool little place. There are actually a lot of comfortable seating inside and on the covered patio. It’s a nice place overall. Ambiance gets a B+


Service  – The lady was really nice who took my order. She was all smiles and friendly. The food came up fast too so no complaints about the service. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality  – I feel like it was a very high quality sandwich. Worth the $9 I coughed over for it. Comparatively it’s an average price for the sandwich you get. I’d definitely come back and try it again but for that price and those ingredients I expect everything to be perfect. It wasn’t. Good but not perfect which keeps me from running back there to try it again. Price/Quality gets a C+


Uniqueness – The whole place is pretty unique. It’s a great market full of amazing products and good sandwiches. Not many other places like that around, at least not nice ones. I think it offers some pretty unique factors you won’t find at most other sandwich shops around. Uniqueness gets a B

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