Enzo Sushi



Food: The sushi was good. You are going to find a lot of standard sushi rolls here. You’ll find the standard California Roll, Volcano Roll, Rainbow roll and your standard ones like spicy tuna roll. So these are rolls I have had many times before at many other sushi restaurants but the taste and quality of the rolls here surpass most of the quality I have had before. You might not have anything inventive or new here but you will get some quality and tasty sushi. Food gets a B


Ambiance – A small restaurant at the end of a shopping center. It’s a very basic restaurant setup. Hard wooden tables and chairs, a small cramped sushi bar and basic decorations and paintings here. It’s clean and fine but nothing really great here about the ambiance. Ambiance gets a C


Service – Service was very good here. This is the type of place that really values their customers. They will treat you like family. They are very quick and will ensure you enjoy your food and experience. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – Almost all the rolls here are under $10 and it tastes great, that is a good deal. The maki rolls are under $5 here. You can really get full without breaking the bank. That’s a great deal especially when everything I had was delicious. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – I think I have only been to two other sushi restaurants in Atlanta where you can get rolls for under $10. However, the quality of those two other restaurants was below par. So, as far as my experience goes, this is the only place you can get cheap sushi that is also delicious. Uniqueness gets a B-

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