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Food – I had visited this place almost two months ago but have gotten very busy and forgot to put my experience down. Exact details may have escaped me but I still remember my overall experience. It was a very cold day when I stopped in so I decided to start with some Tom Yum soup. It was terrific. It had a lot of substance to it and plenty of ingredients. The last few Thai places I have visited, their soup just seemed to be salty water with no substance so this was a pleasant surprise. I had the yellow curry for my main dish. The curry was very nice. Great flavor and perfect balance of spiciness. I also liked that they had freshly steamed rice made there. They aren’t just looking for the biggest profit but they really care about the food they serve. I can’t wait to go back. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – It’s a very comfortable space here. It’s a very inviting spot where you feel that you can come for anything and you don’t feel bad for hanging out. Ambiance perfectly fits the casual menu and vibe here. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – Everything was fine. We got everything in a timely manner and had no complaints. Standard service here. Nothing to rave about but zero complaints as well. Service gets a B-


Price/quality – Oh I thought the quality of the food here was very good. I got my meal for about $12 which is a great price for what you get. They also offer a lot of discounts if you go at certain times or fit a certain category so it can be even cheaper. I will be back many times just because of this category alone. Price/quality gets an A+


Uniqueness – I just don’t think that Atlanta has a lot of good offerings for Thai food. So, the bar may be set low but Satto still shines here. Quality Thai food at a very reasonable price makes it a great place that stands above a lot of the rest. Uniqueness gets a B

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