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Food – I really loved the food here. I thought it would be good because they have Chef Saito Saito, the only master sushi chef in Atlanta. However, this is not traditional sushi so don’t go expecting that. We tried the mixed fish ceviche, oh my God roll, and I believe the lobster roll. Everything was perfect. I don’t think you could order anything that didn’t taste great. To compliment your meal, this place touts over 300 different types of vodkas with some really good martinis to go with your sushi. It makes a great overall culinary experience. Food gets an A


Ambiance – This place definitely belongs in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC where people spend $100+ per person for lunch alone. The aire of upper class and sophistication. That’s a very risky place to put in Atlanta where it can easily come off as pretentious. However, I think it comes off as genuine postmodern classy style and can be a great destination for the ambiance alone. Ambiance gets an A-


Service – Very good service here. Now, we did come on a Wednesday night where there were only two other tables in the place. So, service might be different on a packed night. We felt very welcome from the hostess and the server. What we really enjoyed is Chef Saito coming to our table and talking to us. That was a pleasure. He even gave us a free treat after our meal. Everyone was great. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – two rolls, mixed fish ceviche and four martinis was right at $100. Now it was good but I’m not sure I’d  return very often for something so expensive. I also realize that prices can go a long ways to justifying ambiance and if they had rolls for $7.99 there I would not have viewed this place as upscale as I do. I think the prices incorporate a lot of your experience here and not just the food you receive. That’s why I think it fits the quality of your experience but I wouldn’t return if I just wanted sushi for that kind of price tag. Price/quality gets a B


Uniqueness – Well for Atlanta this place is certainly unique. The ambiance here is unrepeated. There is no sushi just like this, although a huge part of that is because it is not traditional sushi, but it is still very tasty. The fact that they have over 300 types of vodka certainly makes it a unique place for that alone. Uniqueness gets an A

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