Amura Sushi and Japanese Restaurant



Food – So I went here for the chefs tasting menu. We had four cocktails, a salad and 8 small dishes to taste. First let me say the cocktails were incredible. Best bartender or as the pretentious call them now, “mixologists” in the city. The ginger salad was very tasty as well with fresh greens and very fragrant dressing. I could have had another one of those. Then for the tastings….They came in two flights, each with four samplings. The first flight had tuna and the second had steak. Now I know any great blogger would intricately describe all 8 tastings but honestly we didn’t get told what all of them were and I don’t even remember. The only ones I do know are Salmon Tataki, Osaka-Style Stacked Sushi and Filet Mignon Tataki. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous. The place was gorgeous. Everything was top notch. However, I wasn’t so impressed by what I tasted. Everything was fine and nothing was bad but nothing blew me away. I didn’t have anything that was memorable. It just didn’t live up to my expectations. Everything seemed prepared well and executed to intentions but I just didn’t feel like it was good enough to recommend to anyone. Food gets a C+



Ambiance – It was gorgeous inside here. Every detail was perfect. The bar went with the chairs, the lights went with the table clothes. It was one continuous theme of elegance and sophistication. It had class and romance all in one. It was perfect. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – So the lady we had was brand new. I’m talking her first time on the floor by herself. She of course had little knowledge of the menu and was unsure of what things were that she brought us. However, she more than made up for it by being very friendly to us and very attentive to our table. If we did have a question she didn’t know, she went back immediately and got us an answer. I was really appreciative of that and actually made it a good experience. Service gets a B



Price/Quality – The restaurant was beautiful, everyone really cared that we were there, the food was gorgeous, and it was made with high quality ingredients. However, the flavor just didn’t come together for me.  Even if it was there, the prices were slightly high. However, since it wasn’t, the prices were way



Uniqueness – There are a lot of unique things about this place. It’s a very gorgeous restaurant. Ambiance has to be top 20 in Atlanta. Drinks were amazing. The bartender was top notch. They were amazingly consistent with their beautiful plating. Everything was impressive, everything except for the taste. I’d consider coming back though just because they did some things better than most other places. Uniqueness gets a B+

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