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Food – So we mostly came here to just hang out but we did order a couple of dishes to share. The food was fine but nothing that good, at least nothing I’d go back just to have. We got nachos, wings, fried mozzarella sticks, and some quesadillas. So the number one killer of any restaurant as it ages has always been a decline in quality. They cut costs by choosing cheaper and cheaper vendors and falling too far into a rut. I feel like Manuel’s has done the same thing and not aged as well as everyone has thought. It tasted alright but nothing I really enjoyed. Food gets a C+


Ambiance – So this place has been open since the 50’s and the building actually looks pretty cool. Old industrial walls makes it a nice ambiance to a neighborhood bar. They had some pretty neat stuff on the walls too that they had collected over the years. Some awesome signs and autographs from some pretty famous people. It was interesting. Part of the ambiance though is the people that go there. 90% of the clientele was scruffy looking old men yelling about nothing at all to each other even though they were sitting only a two feet apart. This wasn’t one case but the case all over the bare even in the dining area. I guess along with not updating the restaurant they also haven’t updated the clientele either. I’m sure I won’t be back and part of that is that there was no one else in that place I’d ever want to hang out with or talk to.  Ambiance gets a B-


Service – The lady was really really nice and friendly but she was just so slow. After I had finished my first beer, I had to wait nearly 10 minutes before I saw her again. After I finished the second she was back quickly to order my third, but it took me over 10 minutes again to receive that one. Then when I paid, she disappeared for around 15 minutes before I got my card back. It just took so long between each and every order to get the next. Service gets a D


Price/Quality – I don’t feel like I got a very good experience for my money. I mean the food I got was decently priced and wasn’t bad but at the end of the day I feel like I wasted my money going here. I just didn’t enjoy my experience. So the food is accurately priced but you are paying for a poor experience around that food. Price/quality gets a C-


Uniqueness – Well this place is definitely one of the best neighborhood bars, it’s just the wrong neighborhood for me. The place itself has some unique qualities and I am sure right for a lot of people but I am not one of those. Uniqueness gets a B-

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  1. Sherlock Holmes November 27, 2013 at 3:53 am Reply

    Nicely Done my good man! I was encouraged to visit this watering hole and your perusal only intrigues me further! Keep up the good work! – Sherlock Holmes/Urbanspoon

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