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Food – Well I had very low expectations after actually seeing this place and seeing the people in it. However the food was really good. I will definitely be back here at some point. I got a Buffalo Chicken Sub.  Very enjoyable, especially the bread they used. It was very soft, not crispy at all, which is exactly how I prefer my bread. It wasn’t spongy though so it didn’t get soggy. It was great. The chicken was very tender and juicy as well. I’m doubting it was actually fresh but they breaded it and cooked it quite well so it tasted great. It was smothered in cheese and buffalo sauce and was just a great sub all around. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – I honestly almost walked out when I walked in. It was a cheap hole in the wall restaurant with 1970s décor; not even the tolerable 1970’s décor either. It was dingy black and white tile floor, cheap metal chairs and uncomfortable booths, and press on wood tables that were chipped and scared. It needed a major update. They did paint the walls and hang up some nice paintings in recent years which I loved, but overall it didn’t fit in with anything else there at all. I said before I will be back which I will, but I would never eat in here. Ambiance gets a D


Service – This was strange. So the entire place was setup as an order at the counter type of place. However, if you were dining in, you had to take a seat and get table service. I don’t need to walk past a counter where someone is waiting to take my order to sit down and have someone else take my order for a $5 sub. You’re just trying too hard there. Other than that, everyone I talked to was very nice and helpful. They really were glad to see me in there. Service gets a C-


Price/Quality – So my sub, a bag of Lays chips and a fountain drink was around $9. Not terrible but the sub was smaller than most subs you get. It was good though and enough to fill me up. While I think it is priced slightly higher than it should be, it was still worth it and I will return. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – So the sandwich had some unique qualities. I really have no complaints about it which is uncommon. I also loved the bread of the sandwich. I really can’t think of anywhere that serves subs on such delicate bread. It really made the sandwich and because I can’t think of another place that serves subs like that, I can say it was unique. Uniqueness gets a B-

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