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Food – I know a lot of people rave about Farm Burger, but this blows it out of the water. I love all the options you have to make your burger here and the quality just seems to surpass it. Yeah! Burger prides itself on fresh ingredients, and I think it shows more than any other place. I had a turkey burger with Swiss, avocado, jalapenos, and Yeah! Sauce. I got sweet potato fries as well. The fries weren’t really crispy. They were more soft but still very tasty. The burger was near perfect though. So like I said the quality of everything was great, even down to the minor ingredients like lettuce and jalapenos that were crispy and fresh. It was put together very well too. It didn’t fall apart when I picked it up because it was assembled with some thought. The fact that I could deconstruct that burger and enjoy every ingredient independently meant that putting the right combination together, this should be one of the top burgers you have ever had. Food gets an A


Ambiance – It was nice and comfortable. They had a bar that you can sit at and eat which looked into the kitchen. It reminded me of an old school diner. The inside was nice too. They had huge windows so it felt really open. They also had a nice large outdoor patio is great for good weather days. It was basic but great enough to be a perfect lunch spot. Ambiance gets an A


Service – The lady who took my order was really nice which was a surprise because I would have been annoyed with half the people in line here. The line was almost out the door but when people got to the counter they still didn’t know what they wanted and took several minutes to decide and ask questions. It’s a burger, not rocket science. She was still all smiles with me which I appreciated and my food arrived quickly. Service gets a B+


Price/Quality – My meal was $15 here. $8 for the burger I constructed, $2.99 for the fries, and another $2.50 for the soda. I think the fries and coke were overpriced but the burger was well worth the money. I would have paid more money than I was charged for that burger but the sides weren’t really worth it. I will definitely return though and pay the price. Maybe just get a burger though. Price/quality gets a B


Uniqueness – There are some great burgers around Atlanta but I can find some flaw in every one of them. They skimp on something like cheap lettuce, unfresh tomatoes or something of the sort. The same thing can’t be said for Yeah! Burger. It’s that kind of care and commitment that makes it standout from most other burger joints in Atlanta. Uniqueness gets a B.

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