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Food – So sometimes I go to a restaurant and I can tell you exactly what I am eating, exactly how it was cooked, how it should have been cooked, how it was seasoned, how it should have been seasonsed and go on and on about my knowledge of what I was just served. I can make suggestion to improve taste, texture, presentation, etc. This gives me a sense that I am a true foodie with an adequate knowledge of the food world. Then…..then I come to some place like this and it humbles me. I know nothing about Dim Sum or Cantonese food. I have no idea how this is supposed to taste, feel, or look. So let me tell you what I do know. I know that my meal tasted fine, although way out of my comfort zone. I had two buns and 5 dumplings. The dumplings were great! I loved them. It was the buns that confused me. First, they were really doughy. Seemed almost uncooked. In fact when I peeled the paper off, some of the bun came with it. No idea if it is supposed to be like that. The Mongolian beef inside was actually very tasty though. I just don’t know, the bun and its texture threw me off. I have just never had anything like it before. The only thing I can say I didn’t like is the dessert bun. So like I said before, the bun was just too far outside my comfort zone to enjoy so giving me one filled with chocolate….well I couldn’t finish it. It weirded  me out. I think I will return though. It’s so different and sometimes you just want to mix things up which this place certainly does. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – Great ambiance for a fast casual place. You order at the counter, they have specials on a chalkboard, and everything is brand new and vey clean. It’s a long chute for a building and running down the middle is picnic like tables with regular booths and tables along the outside. The hanging lights and wall art reminds you a typical Asian place but it isn’t so much decorations to make it overwhelming. It’s a great casual ambiance for lunch. Ambiance gets an A


Service – I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the service I received here was. I want to go back to all my other reviews and knock all my service grades down because this place was so far above anywhere else I have ever visited. Everyone I encountered was so nice. The lady who took my order was very friendly, patient, and helpful since it was my first visit. So I ordered and went and sat down. After about 10 minutes I noticed some others that ordered behind me had gotten their food. I wasn’t in a hurry so it wasn’t a big deal, but less than a minute later mine came out. When the lady brought it she apologized profusely for it taking so long and even threw in a free dessert bun as an apology! That really caught my attention because it didn’t even seem like that long of a wait to me, but it’s great to know they care so much about their patrons. While I was eating a manager came by to check on me and the lady took my tray at the end and cleaned it off for me, even though it looked like you were supposed to do it yourself. Everyone really made me feel like they strongly desired for me to like my visit. Service gets an A++


Price/Quality – The prices weren’t bad here. It’s certainly the cheapest Dim Sum you will ever get. My 5 dumplings and 2 buns just cost me $8. It was certainly a whole and filling meal too. Judging the quality is hard though, because like I said this is outside of my expertise. Overall it was enjoyable meal. Price/quality gets a B


Uniqueness – Fast food Dim Sum, I don’t think I have to explain why that is a unique concept. I’ve never heard or seen anything like it before. Getting past the basic concept, they did excel in service as well like I have never seen. Overall, even if you don’t like it here, you have to admit it’s a unique concept. Uniqueness gets an A

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