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Food – So I have visited the other two locations here in Atlanta and gotten tacos at both. I decided to mix it up here and get the enchiladas. So you get to choose your filling and your sauce for these. I did one beef brisket with red beef sauce and one pork filling with pork green sauce. The brisket with red beef sauce was incredible and perfect. I could eat those every day and never complain. Beef brisket was so tender and juicy and the sauce added the perfect texture to the meal. I was a little less impressed with my other enchilada. It was good but there were two flaws. First two bites of the pork were a little tough. Nothing too bad but was a slight let down compared to how perfect the brisket was. Also, the green sauce was obviously made with green chilies. The chilies were not perfectly blended into the sauce. So, two bites were fine and then the next I would get a large bit of green chili and it was very hot and overpowering. Overall, it was still good. Food gets an A-


Ambiance – If you have been to one Taqueria Del Sol you have been to them all. Exact same ambiance as the others. Bright blue and yellow color schemes. Wood chairs, tile floor, order at counter, metal bar extending around, and nice outdoor seating. Not a place you want to hang out a long time but a nice place to come and have lunch. Ambiance gets a B


Service – Great service here. So if you go any day for lunch the line will literally be out the door and down the sidewalk. I drive by here everyday and it is always like that, but you get through the line quickly. Everyone in there works together. The lady at the counter is very fast at taking orders but is also very friendly. There are two guys that run food out and make sure everyone has everything they need and as soon as you stand up, a guy is ready to buss your table and seat someone else. It’s a well oiled machine and everyone I have talked to there is very friendly. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – So think of every chain Mexican place you have ever been and I promise you that the quality here edges it out, but so does the price. My meal is always under $10 which is good but you don’t get as much food as cheap Mexican places. However, the quality more than makes up for that. I think you’ll really like the food you get here and have no complaints about the price. Price/quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – High quality tacos and enchiladas that doesn’t break the bank is a rarity. It fits that perfect middle ground that I haven’t found anywhere else. The food is unique and fresh farm to table food. Its truly a great experience that isn’t easily replicated. Uniqueness gets a B+

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