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Food – I honestly feel like I just ate the healthiest meal in my life. So, I had the turkey avacoda with gouda and field greens. So usually whenever I attempt to eat healthy in a restaurant or when I go to a place with fresh food, they still cook it in a way to taste the best and not in a way that keeps it the healthiest. That is not the case here. They keep the purity of every ingredient in tack. Everything arrives in it’s pure form and they add small touches to the food to give it great flavor. It’s really a unique food offering among any restaurant I have been to. As far as the actual execution goes I could only ask for a little more Gouda or accompaniments on the sandwich. Each bite of the sandwich contained the turkey as the major flavor. The great thing about sandwiches is that it gives you the opportunity to incorporate multiple flavors into one bite. I would have liked more of that but overall it was very good. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – It’s a somewhat small space but has what I like to call a “modern farm” look. Think of it something similar to Farm Burger. They match the rustic wooden tables with stainless steel counters and stools with modern lighting. It’s a great café and they have made it right for almost any occasion from a light lunch to a casual Friday night date.  It is to note that you may get communal seating when you go here. They do have a few tables where they will seat multiple parties but I like it. Ambiance gets an A-


Service – Our server was really good. She had several tables around us, all full. However, she was very quick and efficient. It was great that we were in and out very quick at lunch time. She was also very knowledgeable of the menu and what to order.  I loved that she was very friendly despite being very busy. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – My sandwich and field greens was $8. That’s a phenomenal price for what you get. Oh yea, the portions are above average too so you will be full. For a great tasting healthy meal for under $10, I would have to say that it is a great price. Because other restaurants serve similar dishes for $12+ I think the prices here are phenomenal. I will be back many times because of the price and quality of food you get. Price/quality gets an A+


Uniqueness – Such a clean and great restaurant that can give you a meal for under $10 is unique. The approach they take to their food and the execution of it is certainly unique. I think the offerings in this restaurant are above most of the other places I have tried. I will be back many times to this place because of how good it is. Uniqueness gets an A

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