Salt Factory Pub

I stopped in here last Wednesday for a date. The plan was for dinner but my date decided just to hangout and drink. So, I didn’t get to try the food here. Therefore, I have to make an unconventional post. Usually when this happens I don’t write a review but I thoroughly enjoyed myself so much here I wanted to write something. I am sure I will be back at some point in the future to try the food though.


If you have never been on Canton St in Roswell then you need to go. It’s slightly historic but is lined with a plethora of restaurants covering many different cuisines. Sushi, southern, Asian, pub food, steahouse, modern American and more are on Canton Street. You can’t go wrong here. My favorite evening is restaurant hoping up and down this strip. It’s a fun and interesting experience.


Salt Factory is an upscale pub. They have some great food offerings, an amazing beer selection that includes craft beer, an amazing wine selection with wine racks lining the walls, and a full bar as well. So we stuck with the drinks while we were there and they were very well made. The bartenders certainly understand their drink menu and can make a beautiful drink with the right portions. Not only do the bartenders do their job well but so do the other employees there. Everyone was very friendly and the service was top notch. The servers really knew some great suggestions, they were friendly, and were timely in everything they did.


The thing I loved most about this place was the ambiance. It just has that upscale yet relaxed feel to it. Now while the look gave off that vibe, the people that were there hammered that point home. I thought there might have been a photo shoot at first with all the dressed up and respectable people there. So many places that try and be an upscale pub don’t attract the cliental to bring it all together. However this was not true for Salt Factory. I think I might be back soon enough to hangout in a place like this that I have looked for.


I highly suggest trying out Salt Factory pub whether it is for dinner (I know I didn’t eat but the food coming out smelled and looked delicious) or to just hang out for a few drinks. It was a great evening and I will gladly be back.

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