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Food – So I had in mind exactly what I was going to order here when I arrived. However, after the waitress told me about the “sloppy bro” sandwich, I had to have it. The Sloppy Bro was chopped beef brisket with a spicy chipotle BBQ sauce, topped with fried jalapenos and an onion ring on top, served between toast. It was really good. What I can tell you is that it brought back memories of walking up the road to Mr. Wilson’s farm after we had the pig slaughter and getting me some of that low pit bbq’d hog. They make everything there and they make it very well. It is very authentic southern BBQ and true to the history of this cuisine. Even the jalapenos were made from the real deal and not taken form a jar. Breaded and fried all right there in their kitchen. Now while all of that is true and I can promise that you will thoroughly enjoy your meal here, I’m not giving it a perfect rating. I am not giving it that because after eating here I can say it is my 2nd favorite BBQ joint in Atlanta. Fatt Matt’s is still my favorite and I say that because, before I bit into my sandwich I took a fork and took a bite of the brisket itself. I can say while it was great it still wasn’t as tender or juicy as Fatt Matt’s and after trying the chipotle BBQ sauce on the sandwich and the sauce on the table, their sauce isn’t as good either. So while amazing BBQ, still not my #1. Food gets an A-


Ambiance – So if I go to a good BBQ joint I don’t WANT anything fancy. I expect to pull into a gravel parking lot, walk into a rustic brick or wooden building, overlook a huge smokehouse on the side of the place where they cut, cure and smoke their own meats and then be sat at a picnic table, cast iron seat/table, or some plastic furniture. Now THAT’S a true southern BBQ joint. Well Fox brothers had all of this. You won’t get a fancy atmosphere but right in the middle of Little 5 Points you will find this gem that resembles a backwoods smoke joint, and they even play some southern rock to get you in that mood as well. It has everything in terms of ambiance that you could want. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – Oh this was some of the best service I have ever received. I could take up the whole rest of this blog page talking about how good my server was to me. I wish this girl worked in every restaurant I went to. Friendly, all smiles, extremely knowledgeable and perfect timing on everything. It was an absolute pleasure being served by her. I will say it again, best service I have ever received. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – So my sandwich was $11 and then $2 for my drink. Add in tip and I left there $20 lighter. Now the bbq was good but if you take a back road through southern GA and stop at any BBQ shack, you will get a plate of food that was just harvested that morning and fixed fresh for under $10. Now I realize this is Atlanta and I also realize how good the food here is, but that price just seems a few dollars high. That was a $9 sandwich at best. Now I am going to be back here, I can promise you and will gladly pay the price, but that doesn’t change the fact that it isn’t a great deal for a meal here. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – Now I can name off a lot of BBQ joints between me and Fox Brothers but none would happen to resemble the trueness of what southern BBQ should be like this place does. Those wouldn’t have the BBQ or ambiance this place has and no other restaurant has the service it offers either. From the food to the look to the people that work there, this place stands out above many other BBQ joints and even restaurants in general. It’s truly a wonderful experience which is unique in itself. Uniqueness gets an A

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