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Food – So at first I was not really impressed with their menu here. Nothing really jumped out to me as great or unique. Most of their items also reflected a southern comfort food which is not what I expected at a brewery. I also have a complaint about their drink menu but you can read about that under “service”. Anyways I decided on the grilled Ravioli which included crawfish, andoullie, red pepper, sweet onion, asparagus & spicy parmesan cream. It was actually very good and plated spectacularly. The spicy parmesan cream was amazing. It was one of the best made sauces I have ever had. The ravioli was actually fried which was a bit of a surprise but worked very well nonetheless. Overall my meal was quite delicious. I think you will really like the food here. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – This was a typical brewery style place. You can see the beer vats in the upper windows. The main focus is the bar with hardwood floors, walls, and tables around it for seating. One thing I found very odd was that there was no music playing. We were still there around 10 PM on a Tuesday night and by that time most of the place had cleared out. So, when we weren’t talking, it was deafly silent in there. I think it would be nice if there were people there. In fact we didn’t even notice it until the place was nearly empty but when it was, it just made things seem odd. The look of the place is quite nice though. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Our waiter did some things really well and did other things not so well. One moment he was a perfect server, the next he was subpar. My date ordered a glass of wine and the server asked her about her preference. When she said sweet wine he made a recommendation, went and got a sample, and told her how it compared to her first choice. He was also very friendly. However, he was a soft talker and kind of tall. He didn’t make any attempt to bend down closer to us or to speak up when we said, “Sorry I can’t quite hear you.” He also disappeared once during the middle of our time there. Not that we really needed anything so it wasn’t a big deal, but I just noticed he disappeared for about 20 minutes. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – So my meal was very excellent and very high quality. However, it was overpriced. My ravioli cost $18 when it should have been priced at $12-$14. For 3 pieces of ravioli and a small garnish of crawfish and sausage, it was more of a small plate than an $18 entrée. There was no way it cost more than $4-$5 to make that dish, so it should have a $15 max on it. So while good, it was overpriced. Price/Quality gets a C-


Uniqueness – So a brewery that serves high quality farm to table food is not a common thing. I love the concept and think that they do have a great thing going here. I also like that they have a new daily special menu every single day! So you can always get a new and unique food offering. They only serve their own beers in house so beers are unique as well. Atmosphere is good and service can be good as well. I think it’s an above average restaurant that despite being over priced, would be a place I would gladly return. Uniqueness gets a B+

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