Twisted Taco – Dunwoody & John’s Creek



Food – I can’t say that there is really anything special about the food here. I have had both their tacos and their burritos. I don’t think I will ever get their tacos again. Not that they were bad, but nowhere near what Taqueria Del Sol or even what Tin Lizzy’s can offer. They just seem like poorly designed menu items made with low quality ingredients. I also have to say that the beans, whether you get refried or black, are truly disgusting. I have a hard time believing that anyone in management there has truly eaten their food. However, I do very much enjoy their burrito they have. I get it twisted which means it is covered in cheese sauce and you can add on extras like cilantro (my favorite) for free. That’s what I order when I go and would suggest you do too. Food gets a C-


Ambiance – I actually think they do a good job with the ambiance here. It feels like you are walking into an old western saloon. They even have a few booths in a jail cell. That with the hardwood floors, steer heads on the wall, and cow hide booths, give it a unique flair. I think they do a good job with the atmosphere and it’s the main reason I entertain coming back on multiple occasions. Ambiance gets an A


Service – I never really had a server that cared here. I’m pretty sure they hire anyone. Not that that is a bad thing for a low casual restaurant, but you aren’t going to get the above and beyond service you will at other places. Things will arrive generally on pace but nothing overly exciting about the service here. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – Well I think the quality of food here is pretty low. Even for a cheap Mexican place this one has below quality standards. So while the prices may be average or fair for the menu items listed, the quality you get just isn’t worth it. I keep coming back so you know it isn’t too terrible but not a place I’d recommend for the value. Price/Quality gets a C+


Uniqueness – The only unique thing here is the atmosphere. Its unique but he food, service, and prices have quite a bit to be desired. They do actually have some good drinks here as well which gives it enough of a unique flair that I come back. Uniqueness gets a B-

Twisted Taco on Urbanspoon

Twisted Taco on Urbanspoon

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