Taco Mac

*General review for multiple locations*



Food – The food here is typical bar food. Don’t be fooled by the name if you have never been here before, it isn’t Mexican although they do have some on the menu. The bar food here is average. It is ok. Nothing I have had is bad but nothing is worthy to write home about either. It is just food that arrived frozen and was quickly cooked. Most of the time there is something not quite done right or something on the plate missing. The real reason I go here is for the 1,000 beers they have in the place and their Brewversity. If you don’t know what that is, check it out. It is pretty cool. Food gets a C+

Ambiance – So this is a sports bar and I love it because of that. Almost every inch has a large screen HD tv. Any game that you want to watch would be on here. It has everything you need in a sports bar. It is a nice and clean bar and a great place to watch the game. Ambiance gets a B+

 Service – Service has always been great here. For the locations I have visited more than twice, they have always remembered me. If I come to one location more than 4 times then they know me by name. I think that’s great that they are so friendly. It says a lot about how they run the restaurant that employees there put in effort for them. If you want a place you can be considered a regular, I’d suggest visiting here. Service gets a B+

Price/Quality – So there is nothing special about the food here, while great selections, it is more expensive than other bars. I’m not even talking about the craft beer. The standard Bud Light and the like are decently over priced as well. Price/quality gets a C

Uniqueness – So this will be one category I rank highly because no other bar has a program close to the Brewversity they have. The 1,000 beers that Taco Mac carries and their rewards program for that is beyond comparison. It’s why I keep coming back, because I can’t find this at any other place.Uniqueness gets an A+

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