Redneck Gourmet – Newnan



Food – I tried the RG club and the Durango while I was here. Honestly I wish I lived here so I could eat this every day for lunch. The food was amazing. First of all everything was fresh here. I couldn’t walk out back to my garden, grab vegetables and potatoes and have them be more fresh than the food was here. While I was ordering there was a girl on a side table with whole potatoes, peeling them, julienning them through a metal press and passing them on to be fried. All other ingredients were treated the same. My RG club was rather huge. If you aren’t a big sandwich eater for lunch because it feels like you are eating like a bird, you won’t have that problem here. It’s guaranteed to fill you up and they absolutely do not skimp on the meat. Also, if you want something unique instead of your cookie cutter sandwich, they have offerings like the Durango. It is roast beef, swiss and jalapeno mustard grilled on sourdough. The jalapeno mustard here was phenomenal. I’ve never had anything like it before or any sandwich like it. It’s a must try. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – Well for a lunch spot it was nice. I don’t expect something with redneck in the name to be a high class amazing place but it was nice. Downtown Newnan is historic and the building fit that. Hardwood floors, comfortable chairs, brick walls, and the like. A typical historic building lunch spot. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – The staff here is amazingly polite. They treat you like their best friend. They’ll help you pick a menu item if you need help and always smile for you. Even if the line is out the door, they are very fast in getting your order out. I don’t think you will ever complain about the service you receive here. Service gets an A-


Price/Quality – The most expensive sandwich they had was $7.25 which was the RG Club. For a 100% fresh sandwich that is of the highest quality and taste, along with the uniqueness of offerings such as the Durango, I would pay $12-$15 for these sandwiches. So to get it at half that price is amazing. Price/Quality gets an A+


Uniqueness – I obviously attest to the fact that the food here is unique. It is unique in quality, taste, and in concept as well. I live in the north part of Atlanta and the fact that I would consider driving back to Newnan for this place must say a lot about the quality and uniqueness here. It is a must try. Uniqueness gets an A

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