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Food – This was a typical southern cafeteria where you get a meat plus three. They rotate specials and menu items out almost each day. The food here was not good. The meat I chose was meatloaf. It was very dry and had almost no seasoning to it. Salt, pepper, and it either needed a sauce or to be cooked at a lower temperature to keep some juice in. I had green beans which had no seasoning as well. They just seemed boiled and was boiled about 20 minutes past what they should have been. A few more minutes and it would have been mush. I also had Mac and Cheese. Honestly they could buy Kraft and fix it and it would have been better than this. I feel like in the 70’s they came out with this subpar southern food, it still went over well because of the view towards restaurants as a whole was different then. Now that people are looking for something they can no longer make at home rather than just any substitute for home cooking, this place should no longer exist. There was not one single item I enjoyed here. I just can’t recommend the food to anyone. Food gets a D


Ambiance – Not good not bad here. Its clean and a place to eat. Honestly if they had good food I wouldn’t even had a thought about the ambiance. It’s just like an old school style cafeteria seating. It’s actually somewhat comfortable. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – No service whatsoever here. I can see where the subpar food quality comes from and it is from the attitude of the employees here. They just don’t care. I assume being in the food service business for 40 years will wear anyone down, but the I don’t care attitude that comes along with it means you shouldn’t last much longer. I got up to where I could choose my meal and no one even said anything to me. I spoke first. I told them what I wanted, got it, and moved along. Very minimal interaction with anyone and of course you clean up by yourself here. No one even out in the dining room. Service gets a C-


Price/Quality –They truly pinch every penny here. I think it cost me around $11 for my meal. I ate it there but noticed if you didn’t want to, it was a $.25 take out fee or a $50 delivery fee. That should be free services. What about take out cost you an extra $.25? It cost more to wash the dish I used while eating in than what it does for you to give me a $.10 to go container. Anyways, even for what I did pay the poor quality of the food didn’t justify the price. I won’t be back. Price/Quality gets a D


Uniqueness – Tons of southern cafeterias offering the standard meat + so many options. Most are average but this place was below average. Nothing stands out. I honestly can’t think of a single thing about this place to make me want to even consider coming back. No silver lining to this outdated restaurant with poor quality food. Uniqueness gets an F

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