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Food – I had the Memphis, the Brisket, and the Fish tacos here for lunch. I ate the brisket first. The brisket itself was perfect. Very tender and juicy, seasoned well with great flavors. There was pico de gallo that came with the taco as well and while it was good, they put very little of it on the taco. Except for one bite when I was at the center of the taco, I didn’t have it in any other bites. Next I ate the Memphis taco. It was very good except for the BBQ sauce they used was vinegar based which is not a favorite of mine at all. It was good BBQ sauce, just not my preference. The last taco I ate was their fish taco which is a tilapia fillet rolled in corn masa and breadcrumbs and deep-fried. I saved this for last because when I visited the other location, the piece of fish I received was spectacular. I was disappointed because the same could not be said for the piece I received here. It was fried too long and had become slightly rubbery with a hard exterior and slightly dry as well. It was still good but just didn’t meet expectations I had for it. Food gets a B


Ambiance – This place is always packed so you might have a little trouble finding a place to sit but the space is nice. I like the outdoor patio that is covered and stretches straight out. The inside is fine as well. They have bright blue colors in the restaurant and for some reason that just seems very relaxing to me. It’s a casual atmosphere for a nice lunch. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – It’s an order at the counter type of place but they still provide good service here. The server who took my order was nice but the lady who actually brought my food out was extremely nice. She had a great smile on, greeted me and made sure I had everything I needed before I left. Then when I was finished she cleared my table for me and thanked me for coming in a very person/friendly way. That is some great service for an order at the counter restaurant. Service gets an A-


Price/Quality – My meal was right at $10 for 3 tacos and a can of coke. On one hand $10 for lunch is a bit more than I usually like to pay for a casual place and on the other hand $10 for the amount of brisket, BBQ, and fish you receive along with the accompaniments and a drink for $10 is a good deal. It’s a toss up. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – So everything seemed to be fine here. Above average food, good service, and a nice patio. It’s a step above most other specialty taco places but not sure it has any one factor that is amazingly unique. However, doing things better than let’s say a Twisted Taco or Tin Lizzy’s is enough for me to say it’s unique enough for me to choose it over the other places. Uniqueness gets a B-

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