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Food – I got the lamb with tibs entrée which was served in a tomato fitfit with rice and injera. I also had my lamb tibs coated in their special cayenne sauce. If you don’t like spicy then don’t get the special sauce because it is quite spicy. Fortunately I loved it. I loved everything about my entrée. Everything was perfect. Usually I give high marks just for doing things well. So with their menu if the rice was cooked through and not spongy and the lamb was tender and juicy, I would have given high marks. However, this restaurant did all those things well but gave me a dish with flavors I had never had before. I cannot sing enough praises for the food I had here. Not only was it the best Ethiopian food I had ever had, it was some of the best food I have ever had. Amazingly flavorful and perfect all the way around. It is now added to my list of favorites. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – This restaurant is somewhat small. They have recently added a patio outdoors to seat more people, but when we went, it was raining so it was closed. The inside is not very spacious. They have crammed tables in there to fit every last customer. So expect to sit very close to other people and have servers squeezing by you every few minutes. Now I don’t mind that at all and I even like it because it is still comfortable and I’d rather have that than add 40 minutes to my wait time here. Everything is clean here and it does have a nice little charm about it. They also have some modest decorations on the wall to give you a feel of Ethiopia too. Ambiance gets a B


Service – The service here was wonderful. They have a hostess stand outside where the hostess very friendly greets you and leads you to their waiting room. She even brought us menu’s to look at and gave us an opportunity to ask her questions about it too. Once seated our other server was very friendly as well. I liked how when our table ordered things we weren’t sure of and the waitress knew it, she asked questions about the kind of food we like to make sure we would like what we were about to receive. They are also very quick here. For a packed restaurant, drinks and orders came out quickly and the waitress was never far away when we needed her. The service was not only perfect, the waitress went above and beyond what I normally expect from good servers. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – My meal was $12 plus a $5 imported Ethiopian beer I ordered, so $17 total. For some of the best food I have ever eaten I will gladly pay that. Not only will I gladly pay that, I will return here as often as I can. For this quality of Ethiopian food, I should be paying $20 an entrée so the fact that it’s only $12 is amazing to me. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – You aren’t going to find Ethiopian food this good anywhere else in Atlanta. The fact is that the flavors they serve here are not replicated by any other place I have been. The reason this is one of my new favorite restaurants is because I can’t walk into another restaurant and get the food I get here. It is truly what I look for in new restaurants, an experience I can’t get anywhere else. Uniqueness gets an A+

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