La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant – Norcross



Food – They have quite an extensive menu here. I love it because it breaks the realm of typical Mexican places like this that have mostly numbered items and few other specialty items. This place really features and promotes special dishes here and you are guaranteed to get something unique it you desire it. The meal I had here was very good. It was top notch among the typical Mexican food. It even pressed the norm enough that I would pick this place over other Mexican restaurants in the area. Food gets a B


Ambiance – The ambiance here is quite nice. It’s in The Forum shopping center and is newer. Tables are a little tight but they did a good job putting a Mexican decor in here. It’s a comfortable environment to eat at but won’t blow you away. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – The service we had here wasn’t particularly the best. Our lady was slow, spoke minimal English, and overall she just didn’t seem to care if we enjoyed our experience here. Nothing terribly bad happened but it wasn’t the service that usually meets this chains standards. Service gets a C


Price/Quality – $10-$12 for a dinner dish and around $7 for lunch. Very reasonable prices for good Mexican food. A combination of everything together makes it really worth the price here and it is very reasonable for what you get. I will return with no complaints about paying this price again. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – The one unique factor that this location has going for them is their food that is above other average Mexican restaurants. Ambiance and service certainly are not unique here. Uniqueness gets a C-

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