Uncle Maddio’s – Druid Hills/Emory



Food – The food here was quite amazing. I got a 9” pizza with Sundried Tomatoes, Italian sausage, pepperonis and mushrooms. It was excellent. All the ingredients seemed to be very fresh and the pizza was cooked perfectly. The dough was thin and yet was not burnt nor doughy when it came out. It was the perfect crispiness. I love the concept here that you can pretty much just make your own pizza. I think it’s a great concept and that the food matches their ambition as well. I will be back many times for the food here. Food gets an A


Ambiance – Everything is very clean and new in this restaurant. They also hve a great outdoor patio as well. The décor is very colorful and modern and makes for a nice pizza joint. It’s a very relaxed and very casual atmosphere. If you are looking for a low key place to get some good pizza, this is your place. Ambiance gets a B


Service – So, you order at the counter here and then someone runs out your pizza after they cook it for you. I was unsure of the process when I came in the door since it isn’t your typical order off the menu pizza joint. However, the moment I walked in I was greeted and told to not hesitate to ask if I had any questions. It made me feel comfortable and welcome, and everyone I dealt with, the people making my pizza, the cashier, and to the guy running my food out, they all were very pleasant and kind. This place is a model for “service with a smile.” Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – a 9” pizza with 3 toppings, one extra, and a fountain dink cost me just over $7 which included tax. That is a phenomenal price for any 9” pizza, especially one of this quality. There are too many places selling the same personal sizes for $10+ in Atlanta and I won’t visit again as long as I can find an Uncle Maddios. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – Where else can you practically make your own pizza around town? You get to do everything but put it in the oven. You get to direct them patting out your dough, putting sauce on, and oversee what ingredients and how much of them get put on the pizza. I love having that much control over what reaches my table. That combined with the quality of it, the great price, and the amazing service makes it a truly unique place in Atlanta. Uniqueness gets an A

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