Jack’s New Yorker Deli – Smyrna



Food – I had the New Yorker Rueben with pasta salad. Not a lot to say about it really. It was good and made fresh to order. I especially liked how they perfectly toasted the bread it was served on. They were also very generous with all the ingredients they put on it, even the corned beef. I like the meat to be the star of my sandwich so I could have done with a little less sauerkraut and dressing but I admire their attempt to give me a full sandwich. Pasta salad was decent as well. Nothing to really complain about. It’s a good lunch spot. Food gets a B


Ambiance – What I really liked about this place was the nice outdoor patio they had. It was covered and had very comfortable tables. On a nice day it makes for the perfect lunch spot. They also maximized their space inside to fit many booths and tables so while it may be packed but you can find comfortable seating here. They did a good job with the accommodations. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – So you order at the counter here and then sit down and wait for them to bring it out to you. It was really packed when I went here but the line moved quickly. The guy at the counter was all smiles and friendly with everyone, yet very fast at moving people along. I also noticed he would help the kitchen staff behind him. It was a well oiled machine and despite there being so many people, my order came out in minutes. The food may be the style of New York but the service surpasses anything I have had in that city. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – My sandwich was $7 and it included a drink and a side. I was surprised as usually you have to buy the drinks and/or sides separately but not the case here. I would have paid $7 for the sandwich alone but considering it came with everything else you can want in a meal, I consider it a great value. Price/Quality gets an A-


Uniqueness – There are several New York Deli’s around town but I like this place because of the outdoor patio dining and it is a better deal (Price/quality) wise than any of the others I have been to. It stands above the rest in a few ways here. Uniqueness gets a B

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