Food – I had The 1180 Plate for brunch. It includes two eggs, smoked bacon, potatoes, and an English muffin. It wasn’t very good. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very good. Nothing was really seasoned or at the most you can say it was underseasoned. Eggs were just cracked, scrambled and put on the plate. Potatoes were sautéed and put on the plate. Bacon, unless cut fresh, does not need seasoning but still was cooked to almost past crispy and the English muffin was taken out of the packaging and put on the plate. It wasn’t even toasted. It was just a breakfast I could have cooked better at home. I know this place has to be better than this so I am not sure what happened to my meal, but it just wasn’t good. Food gets a D


Ambiance – Tap was very nice on the inside. It’s in a great space and very well decorated on the inside. Typical gastro pub with a very upscale environment. It was a great place with a very modern feel. Ambiance gets an A-


Service – There were not very many people here which made the poor service even worse. We asked for things that never came or came out wrong. We wanted butter, sauce for meat, and hot sauce for eggs. We had to ask for hot sauce 3 times and it still didn’t come till we were almost done. We had 8 people at the table and some people had some special orders like substituting their English muffin for toast or asking for eggs fried instead of scrambled, but those requests went unfulfilled. It was not the most pleasant service. Service gets a D


Price/Quality – Brunch was $10 which included my dish and orange juice. Not terrible price for bunch but we didn’t receive good service or good food. It just wasn’t worth the $10 to me. Price/Quality gets a C-


Uniqueness – The only thing I really liked here was the ambiance and it wasn’t anything special enough to bring me back. I wonder if their typical food is better than brunch. I may be back to see, but most likely I won’t be back. Uniqueness gets a D

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