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Food – I was pleasantly surprised by this place. I expected typical cheap bar food. I had hoped for good bar food. But received an excellent dish by any restaurants’ standards. I ordered the black and bleu burger. The first thing I noticed was the bread. I’m pretty sure the bread was from H&F bakery. If you don’t know about the Holeman and Finch bakery, it’s one of only two artisan bakeries in Atlanta and it IS the best bread in Atlanta. As if that wasn’t phenomenal enough, my burger was cooked to a perfect medium and wasn’t charred on the outside. 80% of the time I order a burger medium, the cooks are afraid to undercook it and it comes out more of a Medium-Well. Also, to turn out food as fast as possible restaurants usually cook it on too high of heat which makes it come out burnt on the outside and cooked to the right temp on the inside. Not the case at all here as the burger was perfect all the way around. All accompanying ingredients were fresh as well and it was seasoned perfectly. Overall it was one of the best burgers I have had in Atlanta. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – I dined on the outdoor patio. It was very nice. It was quiet, had a very comfortable table and chairs, was decorated with plants and hanging lights, and had tv’s all the way around the patio so you can watch multiple games without actually having to go into the bar. It was a very nice and relaxing evening in a very comfortable environment. Ambiance gets an A


Service – So the lady that served us was very nice. However, she was a tad slow. Maybe it’s hard to get out to the patio when you also have tables inside but the wait between ordering drinks and receiving them and between wanting to order and actually ordering was a little longer than expected. We were there to hangout but didn’t want to stay all night. I’m talking maybe 10 minutes between wanting to order and actually seeing the waitress. So not terrible, but longer than expected. Also, while this isn’t the waitresses fault, I am going to put this under service because it goes to the restaurants service to their customers as a whole. They were out of many beers including some bar basics like Michelob Ultra. How do you so badly manage your inventory that you run out of a basic bar beer? Also between the 5 of us at the table, we tried to order 3 beers that were out of stock. 3 out of 5 beers that we wanted you don’t have? That’s not really acceptable for a bar. Especially when it is a Monday night so you can’t blame it on a rush or something of the sort. Service gets a C-


Price/Quality – My burger was around $10 and even though this sounds crazy, I think the quality rivals H&F, Grindhouse, Vortex, and all the other raved about places here. Considering those will cost you $15-$20 I would say that the price here for the quality of burger you receive is top notch. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – I haven’t been to many sports bars that have such a relaxing, quiet, and enjoyable patio where you can watch multiple games. I also haven’t been to a place that serves such amazing burgers that isn’t high class or a hole in the wall. Definitely a unique place that I would make the drive for, just to experience this again. Uniqueness gets an A

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