DaVinci’s Pizzeria – Smyrna



Food – I stopped in here for lunch and got the chicken pesto sandwich. The pesto cream sauce was made in house, they served it on fresh rosemary focaccia bread. They spinach, tomatoes, and chicken were all fresh as well and the chicken was seasoned perfectly. I was very surprised at how wonderful this sandwich was. I usually just get sandwiches for a light lunch to hold me through the day but I would honestly return here for a very enjoyable and tasty meal. I highly recommend this sandwich. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – Well the food is certainly the main attraction here. There was no ambiance. This isn’t a restaurant you come into to sit down at. It is one you get a takeout order. There are maybe two tables in the entire restaurant just in case someone wanted to sit. It wasn’t what I was expecting since the other location in Midtown has a patio and nice seating. It’s an inconsistency in their brand that shouldn’t be. I don’t need a great space but just one that doesn’t make me feel like I’m intruding if I decide to eat there. Ambiance gets a C-


Service – The guy here was extremely nice and friendly. By the time I left, I felt like I had a new best friend. He really cared about the food that came out of the kitchen. I guess he was running the place. He personally checked every “to go” order they had and mine, and was very careful in everything he did. He truly wanted everyone to have the best food they could make there. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – I think my sandwich and a drink was around $8 which was fantastic for what I received. If I could always get a lunch under $10 that is that high of quality, I would be extremely happy. It is worth the money for the meal you receive here. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – The food here is unique. You don’t often find a high quality sandwich like this, especially for under $10. I’m not driving all the way out to Smyrna to eat here but if I am in the area, I would drive over to have this food again. Uniqueness gets a C+

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