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Food – I came here and ordered the seafood crepes. It sounded like a very interesting and unique menu item. I was very surprised at how well prepared and cooked the food was, and the presentation was phenomenal as well. The way they painted the plates with the sauce made it looked like a $30+ dish. The crepes were filled with shrimp, scallops, and salmon in a sherry lobster cream sauce. Everything was phenomenal except for the sherry lobster cream sauce. It was way too sweet for this dish. It would have been too sweet even for a dessert. There is no way the chef tasted that before he sent it out. It just took over the entire dish, and not in a good way. Overall I enjoyed it though and really got a glimpse into how skilled the chef was here. Food gets a B-


Ambiance- They did a great job with the elegance of the restaurant here. Simple yet very refined. It was a very comfortable environment and high class. I think you will very much enjoy dining in this restaurant. There are few places that I would come back to simply for the ambiance alone, but this is one of them. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – Service was good here. The lady was very experienced and very pleasant the entire time. One of my dining companions was very difficult and had many requests which this lady filled every time with a smile. I felt somewhat sorry for her but she was on top of it at every turn. I really appreciated the service here. Service gets a B+


Price/quality – Prices are expectant here. I paid $15 for my dish which is an average price on their menu. A seafood crepe like this, I would assume would be $20 minimum so for what you get, prices are really good. The quality of my experience was brought down by the sauce in my crepe so I can’t give it a perfect score. Nonetheless I will return soon and gladly not even look at prices as I know they will be fair. Price/quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – Fine dining in Newnan? Unheard of, but Mama Lucia’s certainly gives you that experience. For such a great experience at great prices, you have to love this place. There are perhaps 2 other restaurants in Newnan I would consider fine dining and the prices reflect that. So for fine dining on a budget, this place certainly stands alone. Uniqueness gets an A-

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