Crazy Cuban – Midtown



Food – The menu here only has 8 sandwiches and an ever so often special sandwich on their menu. However, that is all they really need. These Cuban sandwiches were fantastic. I got the Mojo Pork sandwich which has Cuban bread, mojo, pork, swiss cheese, mustard, pickles, jalapeno, and L,T,O. The most noticeable thing is that they care about the sandwiches they serve you. All ingredients are fresh even the meat. They want to put out a high quality product and they do. There is nothing ridiculously amazing or unique about the sandwiches here, but if you are looking for a tasty Cuban sandwich that is very well made with fresh ingredients, please stop by here. Food gets a B


Ambiance – On the outside and even at the counter where you order, it looks slightly old and outdated. However, they built an amazing deck out the back of the restaurant. I love it because on nice days it is the perfect place to sit outside and have an enjoyable lunch. It makes a very fitting ambiance for this restaurant. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – There was only two people working in the restaurant when I came. They both took the orders and cooked the orders. They were very nice and patient and even gave a recommendation when my dining partner started at the menu for a little too long. They were fast too. Even though several people had orderd, our sandwiches came out within 5 minutes. Service gets a B+


Price/Quality – Prices here were average. I think my sandwich and drink was around $8. It was a very quality sandwich so I have no complaints about the price. I would come back if I was in the mood for a Cuban and in the area. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – So there is a sandwich shop on every corner but one that serves only Cuban sandwiches and high quality ones at that are not all that common. They do many things well here which makes it a nice lunch spot over the other choices you have in the area, so it does stand out. Nothing to rush back here for but just unique enough that I will return some time in the future. Uniqueness gets a C+

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