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Food – I was craving a burger for lunch today so I looked up the highest rated burger joints in Dunwoody. This was #1. So, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed because it really hit the spot. My days of going to Five Guys are over because this place blew it out of the water. I had the daily special, a turkey fajita burger with fries and a drink. The burger was cooked perfectly and even throughout. Sometimes you can look at the center and tell a burger is medium but the outside may be charred or over done. Not the case here. The patty was also made of quality meat. Of course with a fajita burger, it had onions and peppers on them too. Perfect balance of crunchy and soft with lots of flavor to them as well. They also put three different kinds of cheese on there, melted perfectly to the patty. I loved every bite of my meal and to top it off the hand cut fries were some of the best I have had. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – Dive burger joint through and through. A small stand alone building in a parking lot, lots of great seating inside and outside, and a bar as well. Menu on a chalk board and can perfectly see the grill masters slaving away in the background. It was clean and had a relaxing and welcoming feel to it. If you are looking for a dive joint to try, come here asap. Ambaince gets an A


Service – The guy behind the counter was nice and very helpful. He knew the menu well and asked questions like if you wanted seasoning on your fries or not to give you the meal you wanted. It was good service but when no one was around to be waited on he stood at the bar and played on his phone or loudly joked with other members of the staff. I didn’t really mind but I don’t think a lot of people consider that amazing customer service and might even find it distracting. Service gets a B


Price/Quality – My total with tax and all was $9.89. I always say anything under $10 is acceptable for lunch and here the burgers are big and fries are plentiful. You get a lot for your money and considering how great and high quality the food is, it is worth every penny. I will be back many times and never once have a bad thought about the price. Price/Quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – There really aren’t any other true dive burger joints in Atlanta that I know of. Even ones that try like the Vortex are so popular now that I don’t consider it a dive anymore. Your only other choices are the “fancy” burger places like H&F or even Farm Burger which will cost you a lot more for a burger that I don’t think is as good as this place. Village Burger is a true dive burger joint with amazing food and I don’t think any other place in Atlanta is exactly like that. Uniqueness gets an A

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