Olive Bistro – Midtown



Food – I had the Gyro Tabbouleh: Beef & lamb w/ tabbouleh & tzatziki sauce. It was excellent. The tabbouleh & tzatziki sauce really made the Gyro. It was unique. There are many places around Atlanta that sells Gyros, but all use the same cookie cutter style. They really broke the mold here to bring me a unique and tasty Gyro. I will be back here many times for lunch I am sure. Food gets an A-


Ambiance – Not much ambiance here. I mean it’s fine for a lunch spot but nothing special. I’d never come here for dinner. Everything was outdated but still had a consistent charm to the restaurant. I will be be back for the food but not the Ambiance. Ambiance gets a C-


Service – The two guys behind the counter were the nicest. They were ver communicative about how long my meal would take, what I could expect, and was concerned with how well I enjoyed my experience. It was great to be served by two people that genuinely cared about their customers. Service gets an A-

Price/Quality – If I remember right, just the Gyro cost around $7.99 and included chips. A great price for a great lunch. The quality was top notch and prices were on par to every other Gyro shop in Atlanta. I might even pay over $10 for what I received. I have no qualms about returning and paying this price for such a quality meal. Price/Quality gets a B

Uniqueness – I think the food is very unique and how much they care about the customer is as well. Most Gyro places simply give you chicken, lettuce, a tomato and Tzatziki sauce or imitation of it. However, the fresh ingredients and tabbouleh on the Gyro made it a much better meal than any other place I have been to. That is why I would go out of my way to return here for another lunch. Uniqueness gets a A-

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