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Food – You have to be careful when reviewing a place like this simply because the taste of your meal relies a lot on you! All you can really ask for is quality choices and a good cook job on what you put together and if everything I just said confuses you, you are most likely not familiar with their unique concept here. I’d go to their website and read before going here. Anyways, I was slightly disappointed with my choices here. The rice was rather mushy and when I finally ate it, lacked basic seasoning. Then while they did have 16 different kinds of sauces to choose from, I didn’t find the flavor between one sauce and the next that different. I felt like I was choosing the same sauce with very slight changes made to it. Then you are given a black bowl for your proteins. My only real complaint with that is the black bowls are so small! Its hard to get a variety of choices of proteins. It wasn’t bad but compared to other places with similar concepts, I was a little disappointed in what I received. Food gets a C


Ambiance – The ambiance was fine but I think they could take it one way or the other. Either try and be a fancy restaurant or a fun restaurant. They don’t really seem to have a theme of ambiance here. It just seems like you plopped some nice chairs and tables down in the restaurant and said, “Good enough.” I wouldn’t come here for a date night and I wouldn’t come here for a fun evening either. There is nothing here to bring me in other than the food. Ambiance gets a C+


Service – I know I keep using this word but the service was “fine”. It wasn’t bad but nothing spectacular either. Waitress came by our table to refill water and then drop off the check but really never said a word to us. We had everything we needed which makes it “fine” and no complaints, but don’t expected to be waited on here with care. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – We came for lunch and paid $8.99 per person. This is a great price when you consider that you can get unlimited bowls. However, the quality was not the highest. That makes it tough to rate this category but my meal wasn’t bad, and an ok meal that has unlimited quantities has its’ place. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – Considering there are several chains that employ the same concept it can’t be considered truly unique but they have made an effort to take this concept in a slightly different direction. Asian stir-fry isn’t a common occurrence. So the concept has some unique qualities but I felt the delivery did not meet my expectations. Everything was mostly ordinary.  Uniqueness gets a B-

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