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Food – I just got a No. 1 “The Farm Burger” with fries when I went here. You can tell an obvious difference when you come here with the ingredients. The onions, tomato, and lettuce all tasted like they just came from the garden and the white cheddar cheese they served with it was excellent. The FB sauce was unique and very tasty as well. I was slightly disappointed in the burger patty though. It was rather smaller than average size and I really couldn’t taste a difference in this patty and ones in places that don’t have the claim of farm to table fresh. It really just didn’t seem like the highest quality beef to me or might have just been under seasoned. Either way, there wasn’t the over the top taste I was expecting here. Overall I enjoyed my food and the fries that came with it were excellent as well. Food gets a B-


Ambiance – This place was very nice on the inside. It looks like they tried to design it to resemble a farm house or barn décor to fit with the name. It was very clean as well and had a comfortable atmosphere. It is a great place to come for any meal with almost anyone you are with. Ambiance gets an A


Service – Everyone was so extremely nice here and always smiling. The lady who took my order was very helpful and patient as I decided what to order. The gentleman who brought my food to the table ensured I had everything I needed before he left, and the lady who took my basket and cup away after I was done asked in a concerned manner how I enjoyed my meal and experience. Then on the way out, I was thanked for coming. I can’t say enough about how great the service was here. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – My meal cost around $14 which was a little steep for lunch. It was good and of a good quality but I am not sure the quality was good enough to pick this place over another burger joint that is less than $10. I am sure I will be back at some point but for the price, it certainly won’t be a regular visit for me. Price/Quality gets a C+


Uniqueness – I am not sure if we really have another burger joint that can be considered farm to table. If we do there aren’t many and this place still stands unique at that point. You can certainly tell a difference in most of the ingredients that are used for your meal that it is a farm to table. I think that is why this place is so popular as well. I would say that is a large factor in considering this a unique addition to Atlanta. Uniqueness gets a B+

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