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Food – I came here for Easter Brunch. They had a very large buffet with some phenomenal offerings. Mussles, Whisky Pork, Swordfish, Lamb, Prime Rib, Salmon, Glazed Ham and many accompaniments to these offerings.  Some of the offerings such as Prime Rib and Whiskey Pork were phenomenal. Others like the fish and Mussles were just good. Then others fell somewhat short of my expectations like the lamb and ham. Ham was cooked fine but really was just ham. No glaze or seasoning that I could taste on it. Lamb also seemed to be over cooked or at least cooked at too high of a temperature. I can only assume to crank out enough lamb for everyone they tried to cook it quicker than normal but was somewhat overdone and a slight bit dry. Overall for the amount of food that was offered and the amount of people that was there, they did a great job. Food gets a B-


Ambiance – I loved the ambiance of the restaurant here. It was very elegant. Walking in beside the waterfalls and then into a corridor lined with wine bottles was a great first impression. Our table was right beside the window overlooking the Chattahoochee River. It was truly a beautiful restaurant and a prime example to all others of how to create the perfect environment. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – Of course with a buffet there wasn’t a lot of service to expect but really wasn’t anything noteworthy about the servers here. I think after our initial hello, no one really said a word to us after that. They would come and take our empty plates, refill our drinks, etc. but no one ever asked us how our experience was or if there was anything beyond the normal they could do for us. It wasn’t bad service but just odd for such a nice restaurant. Service gets a C


Price/Quality – Easter buffet was $40 a person. For all the food they offered it justified the price. While some of the execution on food was par to subpar, there was enough dishes that were incredible that I would consider going back next Easter for brunch, but because of the poor execution on a few offerings I can’t rave about what I received either. Price/Quality gets a C+


Uniqueness – The ambiance was truly unique here and the amount of food on their buffet far surpassed any other Easter Buffet that I know of, especially at that high of a quality level. It was very unique in that aspect and those two things are not replicated at other restaurants I have visited. Uniqueness gets a B+

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