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Food – I ordered the Meatball and Cheese calzone. It was phenomenal. The dough for the calzone seemed like it was made fresh. It was perfectly put together and not hard or strained like frozen dough would be. It was baked to perfection. Usually with a calzone, because of the unorthodox shape, if it is made fresh, it usually has some spots that are a little more done than others. However the consistency of the dough here was perfect. To me that’s what can make a calzone. Also, they were generous with their meatin the calzone and it was fresh and cooked perfectly as well. This place is far superior to your other casual/cheaper Italian places. Food gets an A


Ambiance – It has a casual “to go” type of feel inside. Similar to a small café I would say. Nothing special here but everything looks new and it is kept very clean. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Of course this is an order at the counter type of restaurant. Everything was fine here. The man was really nice who took my order, was all smiles, and answered everyone’s questions. The cashier was friendly as well and they kept the line moving fast too. No complaints Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – My calzone cost $7 which is an average price for lunch. However, the quality is better than what I am used to having for lunch. I would definitely say that I will be back many times and will gladly pay the price. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – The one unique factor they have going for them here is the food. It is above average for sure. This level of food, for this price, is something I don’t think you can easily find around Atlanta. For that reason they do have a unique quality about them. Uniqueness gets a B

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