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Food – I really hate leaving a bad review, especially when I get the feeling that the owners really care about their restaurant. I feel kind of bad saying it but I really didn’t enjoy anything about my meal. The sushi was subpar in every way.  The backbone of sushi is the rice. The name sushi even originally means vinegar rice. There was not enough rice vinegar in my rice and because of that it wasn’t sticky enough to hold together. I couldn’t even taste any vinegar in the rice. The only flavor at all were the sesame seeds they put on it and in my opinion a good sushi roll comes without sesame or Tobiko seeds on it. The fish also was “gummy”. It didn’t seemed like it had been kept right or perhaps had just been out too long, and it was warm to top it all off. They didn’t have a lot of rolls that incorporated accompaniments into the roll either. Plain rice and warm gummy fish was basically the only rolls on my plate. I couldn’t even finish my meal. Food gets an F


Ambiance – I actually really liked the inside of this place. It was very nice, slightly romantic, and “fun”. I have no complaints about the ambiance. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – There was only one other table in the restaurant besides myself (I was at the bar), but still the waitress seemed slow. She only came up to me to take my order, leave the check, and check on me once. She also seemed bored as she and the sushi chef hung out at the bar and watched TMZ on the tv. I understand relaxing if there is nothing to do but I don’t really want you standing 5 feet from me watching tv.  Service gets a C


Price/Quality – So I came because I saw they had $1 sushi specials. They only had 4 pieces that was $1, they were Nigiri pieces and you only got one piece. Not even worth a $1. This is especially considering the fact that the quality overall was very subpar. Price/Quality gets an F


Uniqueness – The only thing unique about this restaurant are bad things. I’m not going to go over them again but I can tell you that I just won’t be back to this place again because I can’t think of a single reason to. Uniqueness gets an F

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