Food – The creativity of the sushi rolls here are unsurpassed. They have quite a list of permanent specialty rolls, but this restaurant also has a menu of specialty rolls that they change regularly. I loved this place for the uniqueness of the sushi but it was also very tasty and beautifully put together. I would make regular trips here just for the unique and tasty sushi. I will suggest the Dynoomite roll, Allyson Roll, and the Sakura roll. Food gets an A-


Ambiance – Typical ambiance for a Canton St restaurant. Smaller with only a few table, but also has a clean and somewhat modern fill. Patio has a few tables on it too. I guess you could describe it as a “quaint” place. Good for either a date or casual dinner with the family. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – The server was incredibly knowledgeable of every item on the menu. I feel like he actually went on too long describing the temporary specialty rolls they have and the story of every ingredient in them, but I also think it is the only time I have ordered where I have had the highest confidence that I was about to love my meal. I loved having a seasoned and knowledgeable server. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – We only ordered 4 rolls and one thing of Saki, but our bill was over $60. One of our specialty rolls cost $18. The others were over $10 themselves. There are definitely some great rolls here but the price just pushes the limit of how much I would pay for sushi. Knowing how much all the ingredients cost for those rolls, I would say they could comfortably knock off 15% of the price and still be very very profitable. It is the only factor that would keep me away. The quality just wasn’t good enough to really justify spending 40% more here than nearby sushi places. You pay for the uniqueness of the rolls here, not some superior quality. Price/Quality gets a C


Uniqueness – Like I have hinted to all throughout this post, they have some of the most unique sushi rolls in the whole Atlanta area. It is what I really loved about this place and why I will be back again. These ideas for the rolls are not replicated in other restaurants I have seen and for that, this place truly gained my love. Uniqueness gets an A+

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